You can find a PDF version of my CV here.  My publication lists can be found on NASA ADS and arXiv.

Scientific publications

M.L. Warren and S. M. Couch.  "Simulating turbulence-aided neutrino driven core-collapse supernova explosions in spherical symmetry."  In prep.

J. P. Olson, M. L. Warren, M. Meixner, G. J. Mathews, N. Q. Lan, and H. E. Dalhed.  "A density functional equation of state for supernova simulations with 3-body forces and quark gluon plasma."  Phys.Rev.C, Submitted (2016) arXiv:1612.08992

M. L. Warren, M. Meixner, G. J. Mathews, J. Hidaka, and T. Kajino.  "Impact of sterile neutrino dark matter in core-collapse supernovae." MPA, 31: 25 (2016) arXiv:1603.05503

G. J. Mathews, M. L. Warren, J. Hidaka, and T. Kajino.  "Sterile neutrinos and core-collapse supernovae."  Proceedings of the 14th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Submitted (2016) arXiv:1604.02431

M. L. Warren, M. Meixner, G. J. Mathews, J. Hidaka, and T. Kajino.  "Sterile neutrino oscillations in core-collapse supernovae."  Phys.Rev.D, 90:103007 (2014) arXiv:1405.6101

Banner photo courtesy of NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STSci)